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1. We believe that God is a Trinity revealed to Man as God the Father, God the Son and 
God the Holy Spirit, being separate and yet indivisible. 

2. We believe the scriptures to be God's own words expressing His complete revelation to 
Man with regards to His plans and purposes. They are complete, without error or 
contradiction and are the absolute truth. 

3. Scripture is its own commentary and its own interpreter.

4. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. And that all things 
were made by Him and for Him. That He is God's literal Son, born of a virgin. That He was 
born to be King, died as the sacrifice for sin. Was raised from the dead on the third day and 
presently sits at the right hand of the Father. During this time He ministers on behalf of 
Christians in the Heavenly Tabernacle, after the order of Aaron. He will return to establish 
His Kingdom after the order of the great King-Priest, Melchezideck and will reign from His own 
throne in the New Jerusalem in the heavens, with His coheirs, and from His father David's 
throne in the earthly Jerusalem, with the nation of Israel, for one thousand years. 

5. We believe that Man is a tripartite being – Spirit, Soul and Body – and that Christ's finished 
work on the cross has provided for the redemption of all three parts of Man's being. Redemption 
has always been provided through death and shed blood. 

6. The free gift of eternal life relates to the spirit and is secure and irreversible and is completely 
apart from works. 

7. The salvation of the soul will be realized at the Judgment Seat of Christ and is determined by 
works. This salvation may be gained or lost and is millennial and not eternal in scope. 

8. The body will be transformed from corruptible to incorruptible at the resurrection/rapture. 
Those realizing the salvation of their soul will have a body covered with glory.

9. We believe in a literal Millennial Kingdom – the Seventh Day - that will be established after 
six millenniums/six days of work. 

10. We believe that the scriptures clearly teach the Church in its entirety will be raptured to the 
Judgment Seat of Christ before the Great Tribulation. 

11. We believe that the Holy Spirit has always been in the world breathing life into that which was 
dead and that He was sent on the Day of Pentecost for the specific task of working amongst the 
eternally saved to call out a Bride for God's Son. 

12. The Bride of Christ will be taken from the body of Christ – not all Christians will constitute 
the Bride.

13. We believe in the complete destruction of the existing heavens and earth at the end of the 
Millennial Kingdom and their replacement with a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness 
will dwell and at this time God will establish His throne upon the new earth from which universal rule 
will emanate. 

14. We believe in a literal eternal punishment for Satan and his angels and all those who are not 
eternally saved in the Lake of Fire. 

15. We believe the Church has the responsibility to preach the gospel to every creature under 
heaven. Beginning with the gospel of grace for those who are lost and then continuing with the 
gospel of the glories of Christ for those who are eternally saved.

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