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● All families must sit close together on the same pew to reserve space.

● Children are always to remain with parents.

● Please be on time. If you arrive late, you will be asked
to sit in the overflow downstairs.


● Masks are required when entering and exiting the

● Masks are also required when moving throughout the

● You can remove your mask once you get to your car.


● Please abide by social distancing rules before and after church services.

● No hugging or shaking hands during this time.


● The building will continue to be cleaned once per week.

● Hand sanitizers will be provided in the church
building and at the entrances.

● All door handles, and push plates will be cleaned
before, during, and after service.


● If you have experienced any of the following
symptoms within the past 14 days: fever or chills,
cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
fatigue, muscle or body aches, headaches or other
symptoms, please stay home, and watch service on

● If you are elderly, have pre-existing conditions
including a compromised immune system, or have any
issues that make you vulnerable to please stay home
and watch service on Zoom.


● Restrooms will have soap and paper towels for
washing hands.

● No more than 2 men can be in the men’s restroom at
one time in the Fellowship Hall.

● No more than 2 women can be in the women’s
restroom at one time in the Fellowship Hall.


● On the first Sunday there will be one service including

● Our service on Sundays will begin at 11am and end at
12pm (you can sing through your mask).

● Please be respectful of other people’s personal space.


● Place your offering in one of the boxes on the wall.

● Feel free to give before or after service.
● Online giving is still available.


● Everyone will enter through the front door at the main entrance.

● Everyone will exit through the back door by the
parking lot.

● Everyone entering must have their temperature taken.

● You must have your mask on before entering the church building.

● Everyone entering must sanitize their hands.

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